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Hello! I hope you are all doing wonderful throughout this Summer. These past few weeks, I have been completely focusing on my overall health. I have been seeing a personal trainer as well as keeping in contact with a therapist as I complete a self-guided therapy program. I felt that my energy levels and mind management have been depleted for a while and it has heavily affected my focus, work ethic, and relationships. So far, I have noticed a huge difference in the way that I approach things in life. Rather than locking myself up in my room to force myself to study, I have been taking intentional breaks over the weekend to spend time outdoors with my loved ones. Although it's not always perfect, these small but consistent changes will help me in the long run. If you feel you're not at your optimum level of health, I encourage you to pause, breathe, and evaluate. Look back at what brings you joy.

This week, I'm grateful:

  • to be able to workout 3x this week as supposed to zero in the past
  • that I have allowed myself some time to read and journal
  • for taking a break from work

What are you grateful for this week?

In terms of blogging, so I thought I update my readers here in my personal blog. Once I knock out some goals this month, I hope to be able to continue my home labs and share what I learned here.

Two months ago, I have been appointed as the Cybersecurity Content Creator for Cybersecurity Central! Cybersecurity Central is a platform that brings communities together. We believe in the accessibility of cybersecurity education and resources for diverse learning styles and backgrounds bringing in personal branding, human connections, emotional intelligence, and engaging education. This year, we have been able to establish a blog page and slowly grow our YouTube channel. I have been doing most of my blog writing over at Cybersecurity Central. To keep you all in the loop, I'll be creating posts in the future to redirect you over to our new blog posts at CC, which are released every Wednesday!

Here's our latest blog:

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