Continued Beginnings

The [documented] start of the Cybersecurity journey.


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I’ll be honest. I had a tough time starting (technically, restarting) a blog, let alone write my first entry on a new platform. But you know what they say, “the hardest part is getting started”. Today I’m overcoming this challenge by making a mark on this brand new canvas. If you are coming from LinkedIn, from reading my previous WordPress entries, or if you just happen to stumble on here, I greet you with the greatest “welcome” of all.

My name is Eula. For some, it stands for “End-User License Agreement”. But for the most part, it is a gift passed down through family roots. From a career/industry perspective, I am new to Tech but from personal experience, I have been using the computer since the age of 6…and looking back at it, this is a huge concern to be allowing kids at that age online. Needless to say, many lessons were learned and I look forward to contribute and help create a safer, secured, and protected online world for our generation and the next.

I created this blog to share my journey in cybersecurity/cloud, keep track and record my progress, and hopefully share life experiences that may help others that relate. This blog may contain a wide category containing security awareness, documented projects/labs/builds, exam reviews, guides/resources, study planning, latest tech obsessions, new learnings, walkthroughs, motivational messages, and more. I hope that this blog, at least one thing on here, brings value to you.

Hope to share more about what I’m doing in the upcoming entries!

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Take care, Eula